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anaxila's Journal

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Anaxila / Babbles
I am a Midwesterner by birth and temperament. I've spent a fair amount of time in India and in various European places, though lately my travel is mainly domestic.

In addition to my LJ, I maintain a personal website at anaxila.com. There are several blogs over there that may be of interest to people of the non-fannish persuasion. They are:

anaxila_shoots: one photo at a time
anaxila_reads: short reactions to whatever book I've just finished
anaxila_listens: song of the week(ish), available for download
anaxila_knits: fiber obsession gone horribly wrong
anaxila_travels: missives from the road

There's also my LibraryThing account, if you're really desperate to know more about me.

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