Anaxila / Babbles (anaxila) wrote,
Anaxila / Babbles

Saturday morning randomness

I heard from a graphic design agency yesterday that wants to license one of my photos for some company's annual report. I love it when people offer me money for things I'd totally do for free. Which sounds dirty no matter how I say it. I never in a million years would have guessed that putting shit up on Flickr would bring me actual money.

In other news, I am being stalked by my ex-brother-in-law's name. I haven't thought of this guy for years, but his name has popped up twice this week. Once was a story on NPR about someone else with the same name. And now this morning, I see his name and a phone number on a sticky note at my store. I can't wait for the husband to wake up and 'splain it to me.

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