Anaxila / Babbles (anaxila) wrote,
Anaxila / Babbles

In a nutshell

Pack up drive to airport fly there check into the hotel unpack walk to Rockefeller Center walk to Times Square have dinner sleep get up walk to Empire State Building three times (don't ask) enjoy the view eat lunch walk to Flatiron Building take subway to Chrysler Building walk to UN Building walk to St Patrick's walk home rest walk to Virgil's BBQ eat amazing food walk home sleep get up walk to Grand Central take subway to Forbidden Planet walk to The Strand buy art in Union Square walk to Movie Star News take subway to upper west side eat pizza walk to Museum of Natural History take cab home rest walk to dinner buy snacks from Hershey store walk home sleep get up take subway to The Met take bus home rest have room service sleep get up walk 42nd street and imagine how it used to be walk to Champion Stamps take subway to financial district walk the perimeter of the WTC site walk to Trinity Church walk to Statue of Liberty eat lunch take subway home have dinner delivered sleep get up walk to MoMA have amazing mindblowing lunch at Alfredo walk to Central Park walk through Central Park crap out at 79th street take rickshaw to other side of park (poor man) walk to Guggenheim take bus home rest walk to 42nd & 8th see The Informer (awesome) walk home sleep get up walk to Rockefeller Center take elevator to Top of the Rock enjoy the view sit at Starbuck's walk home pack up take cab to airport fly home drive home sigh contendedly.

So how was your week?

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