Anaxila / Babbles (anaxila) wrote,
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Ketchup on your LJ

Facebook has taken over my life. I've been updating there like a mad updating thing, to the complete neglect of my LJ. A few things of note:

1) We're getting married on Wednesday. It'll be a courthouse ceremony with only ourselves in attendance. Rings arrived this week; attire and grooming and post-ceremony activities still need attention. Having a wedding means nothing to me, but I have to say I'm very excited to be married.

2) We're going on a honeymoon to NYC for a week. The store will be closed for this time, as we have no employees and no one to take over. This makes me nervous, but there's nothing for it. I just can't let myself think about any new customers that might come by to check us out, find us closed, and never return.

3) A near-stranger will be living in my house while we're away. She's a vet tech from the clinic that sees all our pets, and I'm glad someone competent will be on hand to tend their various health needs, but still. Someone else staying there without us kinda creeps me out. I hope the pets don't like her better than me.

4) I'm in a big band phase. I'm sitting here listening to Glenn Miller and knitting a baby sweater while tending a newsstand... help me, I'm in a time warp! I'd love to set the wayback machine for the 1940s and stay there a while, it if wasn't for WWII and the absence of Facebook.

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