June 27th, 2009

llama! by anaxila


I'm in one of those "so over-exerted it hurts to breathe" places right now. Everything hurts. I can barely walk. But I'm almost too tired / too sore to sleep, as my muscles and nerves are singing out loud.

I drove my ass all the way down to Kenosha for a craft fair this morning. Parking was miserable and far away and downhill from the exhibitor space. I bought a canopy this week after being rained on and then sunburnt at a fair two weeks ago, and wrestling that thing up and down the hill and setting it up solo nearly did me in. It's unbelievably easy setup as far as canopies go - it's amazing that one person can do it at all - but it takes some doing.

Then I sat there all day and hardly made a sale. In fact, I made back less than half of my entry fee in gross sales, not to mention the cost of goods sold. I'm not taking this personally or anything, but it's still maddening. This seemed to be the same for everyone, which I found not the least bit comforting. It's very frustrating to give up a rare weekend day off and go through all that bloody effort in order to lose money.

And I'm about to bleed, so everything feels especially dire and irksome. Blech.