June 14th, 2009

llama! by anaxila


Over a year ago, before I decided to leap into Facebook with both feet, I set up an account with this login just to test the waters. The account has a fake name / pseudonym, my old email address, and no personal or friend info. And I forgot about the account completely.

A couple of months ago I set up a real Facebook account using my real name, all my personal info, and my named gmail account.

Last week, my fake account came up on Facebook's recommendations for my real account. Facebook thinks my fake self and real self are likely to be friends. I find this disturbing. The fake account has zero info in common with my real one, except for the fact that I used the same computer to set up the old one as I use with the current one. But I cleared cookies several times in the year between accounts, so the fact that they know we're the same person is a more than a little creepy.