April 15th, 2009

grail draw by poisoninjest

Variety, she makes life spicy

Today I decided to inject a little variety in my lunchtime routine, which apparently translated into "ooh, I'm gonna have bacon bits on my salad today!" I do know how to live dangerously, don't I?

I've only been working at New Job for a little over a month, and I'm already sick of the cafeteria cuisine. The salad bar is good, but the rest of the lunchtime fare is borderline inedible. And there are few other options because (A) the neighborhood is scary and not somewhere you want to be walking... or eating, (B) there are no fridges to store home-packed lunches, and (C) THERE'S NO TIME!

I continue to like being paid by the hour, and I am pleased with how accessible the systems are even from my Mac at home (this is the company that's still running Windows 2000, so quite a feat). Last night I worked from home for the first time, and even without a laptop it was easy and productive. And have I mentioned the overtime? I likes me the overtime, even if I'm tired and headachy and crabby the next morning.

Apropos of nothing, why do Blackberries make all the Cisco IP phones buzz when they get near one another? It is annoying as hell.

It's tax day, and as usual I have pushed it to the last minute. Even though I am getting the World's Greatest Refund this year (hooray for being unemployed and the owner of a money-losing small business for most of the year!), I still waited to the last second to give everything over to our accountant and only picked up the finished return last night. I coulda had my refund months ago, if only I were a bit more on the ball. Story of my life, I guess.

Back to work!