April 1st, 2009

llama! by anaxila


I had a four-hour meeting this morning in the very cool "Harley University" conference center attached to the corporate offices. Across the hallway there's a huge mechanical / electrical learning center with lots of bikes attached to sensors.

Today there are mechanics all over the place, allegedly going for some sort of certification that they can figure out what's wrong and fix it on demand. The upshot: lots and lots of vrooming going on today. It's not terribly loud because the soundproofing is pretty good, but most of the time it makes the table vibrate, and occasionally I can feel it in my chest. I really want a motorcycle.
joxer by anaxila

Good dog news

Geriatric pet care, ahoy!

The pooch may not be as bad off with the diabetes as we feared. Per vet checks yesterday following his first 5 days of insulin, we managed to drive down his blood sugar to the hypoglycemic / "OMG WHY AREN'T YOU IN A COMA?" level even using what we thought was a conservative dose. As in: normal blood sugar is under 200 and anything under 40 is in the "omg treat immediately or you will die!" category. Joxer was below 25 all FOUR TIMES they double-checked him with different machines (as they initially assumed an equipment malfunction with the reader), and still bounding around like the bigdumbhappydog he is. So we're cutting his insulin dose in half. Yay.

He also tested negative for Cushing's syndrome / disease / whatever. So once we stabilize the diabetes, we don't expect a (knock wood) scary and rapid decline for the moment.
miki portrait by anaxila

Elderly cats too

My cats have turned 18. It seems like they were palm-sized not so long ago, but also like they've been with me since the beginning of time. I only lived on my own for a few months before I acquired them, so they've been with me my entire adult life. And now they're old enough to vote. But Miki's a Republican, so it's just as well there's no feline suffrage.