March 30th, 2009

llama! by anaxila

I don't like to be idle in public

My computer login for the intranet at work suddenly stopped working last Friday morning and is still not functional. This means I am dead in the water. All of my tasks are completely intranet-dependent.

And I can't even follow up on the trouble ticket, because I need intranet access to check the status or even to look up the phone number of the people working on it. Catch-22. And I can't find my boss; I'm not even sure if he's in this building today, and everyone else I know is attending a class that he pulled me out of at the last minute because of some big hoo-ha meetings this afternoon.

I hate being idle in the midst of people who are hard at work. I know it's not *my* fault I can't do anything. But I still feel like a loser if I'm checking LJ, playing facebook games, etc. while on the clock, especially now that I'm being paid by the hour. And they monitor internet site visits very closely here too, which makes me even more paranoid.

90 minutes until the afternoon meetings start... noon can't come soon enough.